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Driver Array

4 Sonion EST

1 Sonion BA

3 Knowles BA

1 10mm custom dynamic driver


Shuoer EJ09

Category : artisan electret

The ideal IEM

EJ09’s is tuned to closely follow Shuoer’s ideal target curve. Each side has an array of nine drivers working with each other through a proprietary crossover network. Airy highs, ample bass amount, great attack and decay profile, pinpoint imaging, buttery smooth mids and immense soundstage are all appropriate statements when describing the sound. Simply put: this bested every unit we have created to date.

  • Frequency 20Hz - 30KHz
  • Sensitivity 110 ± 1dB
  • Impedance 20 ± 2Ω
  • Distortion < 1% ± 0.2%
  • Cable 1.25m silver and copper
  • Termination 3.5mm SE or 4.4mm Balanced

These are exceptionally tonally pleasing IEM’s for people who are into treble and female vocals. The set is exceptionally technically capable and I really can’t find anything that would be a dealbreaker in these unless you’re treble-sensitive

Flagship By Design

Proprietary 5-way crossover into four acoustic bores is our statement of a balanced sound across the spectrums. This array of nine drivers produce a coherent sound profile - shimmering highs, ample bass with great attack and prompt decay with a buttery smooth mids that does not bleed into each other. Result: a pinpoint sound imaging with immense depth in soundstage that bested every units we created to date.

Over Engineered Stock Cable

Stock cable included is a hybrid cable with monocrystalline copper and silver braided, terminated in a high-grade plastic plug that is tested for strong resistance against snag and tucks. Standard cable is a 4.4mm balanced or 3.5mm single-ended.

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