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Driver Array

4 Sonion electret drivers

2 Sonion 2389 BA

1 10mm carbon nanotube DD


Shuoer EJ07M

Category : lifestyle electret

EJ07M - building on the foundation of the classic EJ07, this new mass produced version IEM has the same exact driver array, lower price tag, while improving the performance in treble and air frequencies.

  • Model EJ07M
  • Type 7-unit tribrid IEM
  • Frequency 20 - 30KHz
  • Package Size 189 x 215 x 51mm
  • Distortion 0.5% ± 0.1%
  • Termination Standard 0.78mm dual pin
  • Cable 1.25m 100 strands OCC copper
  • Impedance 19 ± 1Ω

[It] provide the most listenable experience across many genres, and many hours of listening. It has no sibilance, no harshness, and no sense of shrill or stridency that would cause any fatigue in my experience and musical selections.

Hardcore Engineering

EJ07M features the same EST-BA-DD driver array from its predecessor, namely the quad Sonion EST and dual BA units imported from Denmark plus a proprietary carbon nanotube dynamic driver.

* To learn how the EJ07M came to be, click here to follow the whole saga.

Immersion level over 9K

We are proud to bring the whole gig to you. EJ07M has a crystal clear sound profile with pin-point imaging. Each instrument and voices' subtle changes are clearly laid out in the soundstage.

Metal Chassis For Better Durability

Chassis of EJ07M utilizes intricate industrial processes that smooth out the whole shell made with SUS316 stainless steel. These custom face plates are pressurized gold foils / carbon fiber or a acrylic material. Two distinct styles for various occasions.

Want a custom pair of EJ07M ?