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Driver Array

4 Sonion Electret

1 Knowles 30095

2 Sonion 2389

1 silicone-fused Kevlar membrane dynamic driver


Shuoer Conductor

Category : artisan electret

This is Shuoer's newest reference 4-EST, 3-BA, 1-DD monitor. This is what our engineers came up with after careful tuning with the crossover network and nozzle conduits. Proprietary techniques incorporated in the making of Conductor is our finest statement in music reproduction.

  • Weight 12.2g
  • Frequency 20Hz - 30kHz
  • Sensitivity 104 ± 1dB
  • Unit dimensions 19.5mm * 21mm
  • Impedance 8 ± 2Ω
  • Distortion 0.9% ± 0.2%
Authoritative Tuning

These drivers perform side-by-side nicely by utilizing a carefully calculated three-way crossover network and three individual sound bores to promote better instrument separation and stereo soundscape. The overall tuning is based on the recent Harman IEM Curve, but tilted the bass up slightly for a more impactful bass octave and a farther reaching treble range. You will find the Conductor to be a comfortable and smooth listening experience that is unmistakably clear and larger than life.

Silicone. Kevlar. Magic.

This is not your mom’s dynamic driver. Our engineer were given a cost-no-object R&D budget and this is the result. Utilising a 0.03mm Kevlar dome-shaped membrane and fused with a thin layer of silicone, the instant attack and smooth decay is absolutely sublime.

Smooooooooth Chassis

The Conductor shell is made out of the same medical grade resin that is used for prosthetics or hearing aids in the EU. The shells went through a strong ultraviolet exposure and longer treatment time to ensure such durability, comfort and lifespan of the unit. The thicker shells also provide a more isolating seal in the ear to block out up to 26dB of outside noise.

Stock Cable You Would Love

Conductor comes with a custom 6N pure oxygen-free copper cable. The electrical conducting properties of copper allows for a natural mids, provides a warmer and fuller tone, with additional support to the omph of the bass.

White Glove Service

We pamper our customers with top service when it comes to our flagship products. Want to change the faceplate? Done. Want a different logo or no logo at all? Sure. Love your units so much that you’d like to seal the deal with a CIEM reshell? Pay a small fee and boom. We can also pair it with another cable from our arsenal if you want to tweak the units slightly.

In The Box Contents
  • Shuoer Conductor

  • Stock cable

  • Six pairs of silicone eartips

  • Two paid of foam eartips

  • 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter

  • 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter

  • Carrying case

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