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Price List

All of our artisan IEM can be converted into CIEM and use different faceplate and add logos.
Sounds enticing? Order your custom Shuoer IEM today!


Order Type


Turn Around Time

EJ07 / M


170 USD

7 working days upon receiving impression

Fresh Order

140 USD



186 USD

7 working days upon receiving impression

Fresh Order

156 USD

General UIEM products

Custom faceplate and / or chassis color swap

70 USD

7 working days

Other fees:

  • For CIEM Order pricing, please note that the cost is on top of the MSRP of the unit. For example, EJ07 will cost 850 + 140 USD.

  • Adding image onto the IEM is covered by the 70 dollars custom faceplate cost. Please send us your AI file for us to make sure it can be done properly. Extra thin line will be an issue and we cannot do multi color printing onto the unit.

  • Esoteric materials such as rare metal, wood or gem will cost extra.

  • Shuoer Acoustics will not disclose or sell your data, including custom logo and ear impressions.

  • Pricing is subject to change. Final cost will be quoted by our staff members.

  • Shipping is included for snail mail which has tracking number and will take 3 weeks to the USA. FedEx / DHL will cost 50 USD extra.

Faceplate & Chassis Colors

Please note that chassis and faceplate designs are updated frequently. Contact a Shuoer staff through Discord or Facebook chat (click the icon at the bottom of the page) to make sure they are in stock before making an order.

* Note: O means opaque and T means translucent for chassis colors, and C-028 / T-009 are completely transparent with no color.