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// core beliefs

The definition of trend setting.

Each Shuoer headphones design has its very own back story. we take pride in discovering the best possible sonic materials, painstakingly tweaking the parameters to refine the tuning for a natural listening experience, and extracting every ounce of soul from the music to the end user.

Shuoer believes our end users' approval is the only fuel in our prosperity. We hope each package we ship will end up being the ear opening experience as when audiophiles' first hi-fi encounter. Shuoer will never falter from our original goal - to bring audio Nirvana to each Shuoer user.

Our core believes

Say no to status quo

We don't slap the same drivers into different shells. Each set is tuned for a purpose.

Focus on users' needs

Product conception is a two-way process to us. We listen to your feedback and never settle on a single design.

Organic timbre

Our goal is to deliver a soulful, rich and larger than life performance for each piece / song through headphones.

Open door policy

Hit us up on chat below, Discord or email. From product failure to advice for future products, we listen, we care.

The birth of an IEM

At the heart of each Shuoer product is hardcore engineering and very steady hands. Have a look at this video.


Custom IEM ordering process

All of our artisan IEMs are ready to be customized. Faceplate and chassis colors, small adjustment to the stock frequency response, hit us up and we will see what we can do.

  • Discuss the your needs

    Talk to our representative on Facebook chat below, WhatsApp or Discord. Color options changes frequently, and some tunings we cannot fulfill.

  • Production

    Upon receiving your impressions for CIEM, requirements and payment, we will begin processing your order. Usual turnaround will be within 7 working days.

  • Final approval

    Once the IEM is ready, we will send you the finished product for approval (and FR graph if needed) before shipping out your IEM. Fedex and DHL will cost extra.


Why Our Customers Love Their Shuoer Set

While we don't have a lot of products on our lines, what we did create gathered an avid following. Have a look at what our customers got to say.